This initiative will have several parts that will assist our employees in achieving their health and wellness goals.  These programs will be offered by Personalized Prevention and WellNet Interactive, our partners in health and wellness.

Throughout the year we will be offering special services and programs that will be informative and engaging, and which will help you focus on key habits that can make a difference in your health and well-being.  Programs to be offered will include: R.N. Care Management, free health screenings, web-based health coaching, on-site health coaching, healthy challenges, and educational seminars.

As we begin this wellness journey, I would like to introduce you to one of the programs available for all employees currently enrolled in the health plan and their covered dependents.   The R.N. Care Management program provides proactive, confidential medical assistance, support and information.  It is managed through WellNet Interactive.

This program allows you to phone a licensed Registered Nurse to discuss any questions or concerns that you have related to managing your health.  The toll free number is listed below in the attached brochure. You may also receive a call from one of the WellNet Interactive Care Managers offering such assistance.  We encourage you to take advantage of the program by working with the Care Managers.  These professionals have the experience and expertise to guide you to the best answers for your individual needs.  The goal is to support our employees and their dependents use of these educational and support services to the betterment of their lives and well-being.

Conversations with the care managers are completely confidential, and are free.  Please know that the WellNet Interactive nurse Care Managers do not render nursing service.  The Care Managers respect your relationship with your physician and will not make any healthcare decisions for you.  Such choices are best determined by you and your physician.  Some of the more common topics that Care Managers discuss with their members are:

  • Medical conditions and how they impact your health
  • Prescription medications including side effects, interactions, and alternatives
  • Lifestyle changes that may improve your health such as weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress management
  • Standards of care for managing common conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, high cholesterol, and depression
  • Treatment options
  • Questions to ask your physician
  • Information resources regarding your condition

Should you receive a call from a Care Manager please take the opportunity to explore this informative and helpful program.  By getting actively involved, we can all achieve our health and wellness goals.

To visit with a Care Manager, call 1-877-396-1402 or register for P2Pme, a secure online communication portal. If you have any questions regarding these exciting new programs please call Personalized Prevention at 1-800-515-6641.

To contact a Care Manager by phone: 1-877-396-1402

To contact a Care Manager online or access P2Pme, please register:

1)     Go to www.p2phc.com/logon/

2)     Click “Click to Register”

3)     Fill in the “Registration” section using the id number provided to you in the welcome letter.  If you have misplaced that letter, please contact 1-877-396-1402

4)     You will be asked to review to the site’s Terms of Use and Privacy Practices.

5)     Create a username and password.

You will automatically be logged into P2Pme.